Inari Sushi

While my primary focus for this blog is obviously baked goods, I do like to mix things up with some real food every once in a while.  It’s always easy, and it’s always delicious, and obviously today is no exception 🙂  One of my favorite things my mom would make for dinner growing up was Inari — basically fried soy bean curd pockets, seasoned in soy sauce, stuffed with seasoned white rice.  I realize that doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, but you’ve trusted me on everything before, right?  I haven’t let you down!  This isn’t exactly “home made,” because I do buy the Inari from a Japanese market, but more so some step by step instructions on how to put ’em together properly!

You will need:

1 can of Inari (Inarizushi)

2 1/4 tbsp Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar (I used Mizkan sushi seasoning, which is PERFECT)

3 cups (when uncooked) Japanese white rice, prepared (I prefer Kokuho brand)

All of these items can be found in pretty much any Oriental market, and some grocery stores may even carry these things in their specialty sections 🙂


Start by preparing your rice.  I have a rice steamer, which is obviously ideal– if you don’t you can also use a slow cooker!  You should be using about one cup of water for every cup of rice you are preparing.  Once your rice is prepared, move it to a shallow dish.  Mix your seasoned rice wine vinegar into the rice.  Allow to cool completely.

Once rice has fully cooled, open your can of Inari, and empty into a bowl.  These are pretty fragile, so be careful from here on out!  Gently pull a piece away and find the opening.  Very, very carefully, pull the Inari open, using your fingers to make sure the bottom corners are opened as well.  Press cooled rice into the pocket until able to stand on it’s own, but not over-filled.  Repeat with each pocket.

Inari is really very simple, and a totally delicious treat 🙂  Not everyone is a pro at preparing sushi rolls, but all these take is a little bit of patience!


My mom couldn’t wait to eat one–


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4 thoughts on “Inari Sushi

  1. Elisabeth says:

    So excited to try these!

  2. Georgina says:

    I love Inari – how cool that you made it at home! Thank you for sharing, I really may try them myself 🙂

  3. This looks easy and delicious!

  4. so intrigued! definitely want to check this one out 🙂

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